Monday, July 21, 2008

The Shack

My old childhood friend recently sent me a book in the mail. It opened my eyes and heart to how I personally view God, in a new amamzing way . It is not the typical "christian" book, there's a heart wrenching story-line , and is a book I definetly recommend. The book is called" The Shack"...... read it !

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kierson turns 1 yrs old

Happy Birthday to Kierson !!!!!

Kierson turned 1 on July 13th. Remembering back a whole year ago, after 18 hours of labor and having forcepts to retrieve him... here he is, our big baby is now 1 !!! He LOVED his cake, and I think Caiden LOVED new toys to play with =) My Mom was in town and we got out to do alot of fun things. We went to a beach near our house 2 times.... Kierson crawled out in the waves over and over, and Caiden wanted nothing to do with the water. He got new sand toys from Grammy and just played in the sand the whole time.We also went to he "lakefront" in Milwaukee. I love it there. The city is on teh water and they have awesome paths and a huge park,,, all with the gorgeous view of Lake Michigan. We walked along the paths near the water,Caiden pointing out the big rocks,boats and he's starting to ask" why" things are the way they are. My mom is much more patient and explains,, I on the other hand just tell him" b/c Jesus made it like that., Caiden flew his first kite !!!! Mom and I did the work of running and jumping around to get it up,,, and he stood there holding on tight. LAst year at the end of t he season we tore down our pool. =( I love swimming and would have loved to have the boys in there this year. However, Grammy bought us a "frog" pool, so yesterday we tried it out ,, it's right on our deck,,, and it the prerfest size for the boys to play in. So that's the latest here....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my "person"

If you are a true watcher of"Grey's Anatomy" , you will probably remember this phrase that Meredith and Christina( yang) exchange with eachother. They are eachother's "PERSON". Well, let me introduce you to my person, Laurie. I just came back from an awesome ( short) but awesome trip down to visit her in N.C. . ... to see her new home and catch a glimpse of her daily life there. I could list funny stories and tell how much I admire her , but beyond that,,, she is my person and I am honered and extremely lucky to have her in my life !