Sunday, August 10, 2008

K's surgery... part 1

Kierson's surgery was August 1st. I found my self to be much more anxious than I thought Overall it went fine, it's such a weird feelingto be in a crowded " surergy waiting room" , knowing that everyone is waiting for that door to open when a Dr. will emerge to report how each one went. Only one parent was allowed backinto the recovery room, it is a room filled with kids that are just coming out of anestheisa. I heard cries, hysterics,,,, and saw ones fast alseep. My baby was laying there chugging some apple juice. My initail reaction was my eyes filled up with tears. I wasn't sure what to exspect, but he was bandaged up and swollen. The rest of the afternoon we were in a hospital room, and they monitored him. He had a rough time with the pain, sleeping - then waking up screaming,,, kinda a different scream. Lots of medicine was distributed, and we ended up needing to spend the night. I stayed over with him, I mostly just sat. I didnt want the tv, a movie or a book... I talked a bit on the phone, and held Kierson,,, I could take him out of his bed, just had to be careful of all the wires hooked up. His surgeon came to visit he next morning, and said he looks good, so we were able to come home. His eyes were swollen for a few days, and he had his times of sadness. He is back to himself now for sure- putting toys in the toilet, sneaking past my blockade to the stairs,eating rocks....he's definetly Kierson again. I took him out in public for the first time yesterday..... with a cute hat which can cover. A lady walked past me commened how cute he was . MAde me wonder, I highly doubt that she would say that if she saw what was under his hat. This is just the beginning of a 3-5 month process,,, each week he will be injected with "saline solution" to pump up the exspander to get bigger and bigger. There are many things people say " it's only temorarly, lucky it's not anything more serious.... all these things I know...but like my mom said it's still happening and he's still my baby,,, so yes at times I feel bad for thinking thoughts, and not be in perspective.... but it's happening,, and yes it will be over in a few monthes.