Thursday, February 26, 2009


Seriously how is it possible that a baby on average poops 4 times in a day ( while he's at my house who knows the status at home) , perhaps more. I am talking about "Tye" who is now 14 mo. old,and whom I babysit about 45 hours a week and his pooping habits are that of an infant. It seriously is disturbing to me , and can't keep up with his active bowel movements. Thank goodness my kids don't have this issue , I would seriously lose it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Klove =)

It's amazing as when I am feeling my lonliest, emptiest ,worn out-ness.... that all I have to do is call on Jesus. So many times, as lately things are tough and I feel hopeless,I get so wrapped up in my feelings I fogot he is there...and as I ask his peace to fill me and be by my side, he is ... I feel him, all we have to do is call out to him . Another small tidbit.... Klove radio station. I'm sure anyone reading this, which is not many,. know what I am talking about, it's amazing, that it is all over the US with a common goal to share and bless people with ( good ) Christain music. I used to just listen to it periodically, and would have the usual country or top 40 music.... which for the most part now , I can't stand If I changed to KLOVE Caiden would always ask me " is this Jesus music' ? =) Whatever type of mood I may be in as I'm off driving somewhere, having it on always redirects my focus to God, ....not myself . There are ocassional times I feel the need to belt out some lyrics , and I am definetly not one to sing,( I sadly enough don't really like to b-c my voice is so darn aweful. )So I am grateful for KLOVE, and the message that it is spreading God's love around the country in a very tangible way.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thanks to L, I figured out how to change my background, I am currently having a bad day, and wish it could just be over. It's also pouring rain out , and all I've been doing all day is changing multiple poop diapers, ( including 1 explosion one) and trying to discipline my very over -tired , exausted, disobedient 4 year old, which is cleary not working and I'm left feeling like a useless mother. Just got Kierson up from a nap and his diaper was found not on his butt where it should be, but on his pillow in his crib. Once I saw it, he laughed and pointed to it , thinking it was hilarious. I was exspecting to find a nice mess in his crib got lucky, all clean. He and Tye fight now. Caiden has never ever layed hands on a kid or taken a toy in his life ( besides Kierson ocassionally) but man - o man Tye and K are pretty darn mean to eachother, K is much larger than Tye and a little push can send him flying. Tye also learned apparently how to "roll his eyes" , he came to my house Monday morning with this new found skill, I'm not a big fan. He rolls his eyes and abruptly truns around and walks the other way. Little attitude, that needs to stop. Would love if one of these days they both would learn to talk,,,, so much grunting an dfussing , but no effort is made by either one. They all entertain themselves amazing, K has been playing with my waterbottle for the last 20 min,,,, throwing it around and thinking it's just an excpetional new toy.