Monday, June 23, 2008


Rik and I were in a wedding this past weekend. It was our first wedding that we were in together, we actaullly felt like the "old" couple there. Everyone else in the party was single, and it was quite an odd feeling. It was fun to be able to be with Rik, yes he's my husband, but very rarely do I actualy get an evening with him all to myself, well at least in my presence al night =) We ended up picking up the kida at 1;30 am.... Rik decided he wanted the kids at home with us. We are slightly obsessed with our kids I think, We walk in and Caiden is WIDE AWAKE playing on the couch, and Rik's mom passed out on the couch. He had never fallen alseep..... WHAT?

Friday, June 13, 2008

5k run

Recently during phone conversation My mom was talking about how she is trying out different things, hobbies wise. She told me not to wait until I'm 5o years olkd to try to figure out what I like. This really struck something in me, because I struggle with this non-stop. I truly don't have a hobby, and truly feel I am pretty bad at a lot of things. I do love being a mom, and have told myself , I just need to accept that, and be satisfied. However, that night something " clicked". I have always enjoyed " exercising". I remember at like9 years old I begged my mom to buy me the " Barbie" workout video, man did I love that. I have since worked at 5 different gyms, and have taken a variety of classes. I love it, it's my passion/hobbyas weird as that sounds. I know many people despise it.I love how it makes me feel more than anything. ( don't think I'm a health nut or anything, I'm far from, I eat pretty bad, and seem to lack self-control =( SOOOO I have decided to sign up for a 5k run. I would LOVE to do a "mini-traithalon" but they are all next month... no such way to train for that, but that will be my goal is to someday complete one. I'm not some person who wants to complete a Marathon at some record speed,,,I simply want to challenge myself. I'm starting at a 5k... which is a tad over 3 miles. At this point I am not near being able to run that.... so It's a good goal. I am excited... even though it's so small compared to these big races. It is on July 24th, along lake Michigan during a local festival. Milwaukee is known for it's absurd amount of festivals, so there are tons going on, I plan to do the " Race for the Cure " for Breast Cancer a 5k also along the lakefront at the end of September. Sooo. wish me luck as I plug along on the ol treadmill , and then take it outdoors.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

80's bachlerette party!

I have been to very few " bachlerette parties" in my life, and this one was definetly one I won't forget. The theme as you can see was 80's apparell. I think this is rather funny, seeing that I was born in 1982.... in this picture we are at a roller-skating rink! it was a blast !It was actually pretty fun getting ready. We all got ready together, each of us dumping out our bags full of fun things we all found. The sad thing was the style is BACK!!! MAn , there are some pretty UUUUUGLy clothes out there.One girl "crimped my hair" =) ( I'm in the pink shirt and jeans on the left) One girl did everyone's crazy makeup,,,,, everyone looked amazing. We proceeded to the bars after this , for a night of,,, uhhh well drinking for some,,, thankfully I remained sober. I say thankfully because when 2 am hit, some intense drama hit, and I needed to assist in some important matters. We got plenty of "LOOKS" and it actually was alot of fun !

Monday, June 9, 2008


This is our back yard. In normal circumstances, we have a small river that runs in the back, that connects us to 2 lakes that we live in between( And those dirt piles, are part of our dirt-bike track =) . Well, these past 4 days now, have been insane. Never have we seen so much rain and stroms here where we live. We have has numerous, "tornado watches, warnings, flood watches, hail,thunderstorms,,,, you name it. No normal TV had been on, just weather news, I have been told to go in my basement twice now, and our town has has the tornado sirens blaring. Yesterday , the Fire Department went up and down our street, passing out flyers and warning us that they suggest EVACUATING !!!!! but it's not maditory. We have had flooding in our basement in the past, and had to redo the entire basement. We also have a gymnasium attatched to ur house, and the flooring is getting now ruined. We had a break in the weather yesterday, I was able to actually go outside for a walk, but soon after returning another huge storm hit. We drove around our town last night to look at damage, it was aweful, some houses just flooded out , and certain streets you could not even drive down. At the "dam" there were a bunch of Fire-Trucks parked , just watchingit, in case it goes. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully today won't be bad, and I won't be forced to leave !!!
This picture doesnt do justice, but for my family looking at this, they knolw what it is "supposed " to look like.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kierson mohawk

As I woke this morning and stumbled out into the kitchen, I saw a clump of hair ( quite similair to that of my sons) just hanging out on the counter. I thought nothing of it, again, it's early. I go down to get Kierson up , and ah ha then it all makes sense. Kierson's head is shaved. That's right, Its shaved into a "mohawk" style haircut. I fling open our bedroom door, and demand what in the world has he done to my baby???? !!!!!!!! It all took place after I retired to bed at a very early t ime of 7;30 pm, ( I took some Benadryl and was OUT ). Rik smiles saying" You told me I could". Granted when I was asked the question earlier, I thought he meant to stimply "style" his hair in a mohawk, sure no problem. Anyways, I made him style it for church, with the proper gel and hairspray,,,,, it actually looks pretty darn cute. How long will I think it's cute..... who knows.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Loving the water Lots of hugs, lots of hugs.....

This past weekend we met my family in Ohio for some camping fun festivities. This is a classic pic of my mom, always smiling , laughing, and surrounded by her grandkids. Everywhere she went they followed, she brought with her a car full of toys, bubbles, crayons, pails, shovels, she thought of it all. They simply could not get enough of their Grammy, and you could tell she would'nt have it any other way. The three boys amazingly are all only monthes apart, and are so FUN to watch how they interact, and react to eachother.