Sunday, May 25, 2008

I woke up this morning with my right eye almsot completely swollen shut, and my right ear all swollen and enormous. UGh. I also have these huge " welt- looking"" things all over my arms and my head. Some pretty weird things going on lately. Today we are supposed to go out on our friends speed boat , and go jet-skiing. Very excited, this is what nice sunny weather is all about ! =)

Friday, May 16, 2008

knees, and head

Kierson likes his knees, he in no way has made any further attempts to even come close to standing. He often comes to this table ( which I have to clean wayyyyy to often to due handprints, and now mouth prints) and chews, he chews or gnaws rather,this table, and then has a big happy grin about it. What a silly boy. He just turned 10 monthes, and yesterday we took him to his plastic surgery appointment. He will be having surgey on his forehead this summer. He will have 2 surgeries , to remove his " nevus" . he will be put "under" and both are overnight hospital stays,,, The doctors believe there could be potentially cancerous cells in it , due to the color, size....etc. He was all SMILES =) at the appointment, the doctor was amazed at how happy he was ! I hope he is still all smiles come this summer, when he will under the"tissue exspansion" procedure, stretch his skin out to a baseball size, and remove his spot. This will take about 4 monthes, give or take, and he will have weekly injections to pump up his skin with saline solution. I am exasperated with how many comments I get. ANYWHERE, and I'm not kidding, people make a comment. Usually along the lines of " OOOO he got a big owie huh ? " . People seem to come up to me and comment, or passing by me and turn around. Usually it's about 3 people per outing / store. I have come up with an usual response, including his surgery now. But,seriously I would NEVER , NEVER, NEVER go up to anyone and comment on their kid/ baby,,, of any nature of abnormality on them. I just would'nt.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

K breaking loose

The Petrovsky boys helping daddy mow the lawn. It was a rather chilly day, hence the winter coats =( Rik says I have just a few more monthes of Kierson being " mine:,,, meaning until he can walk and follow him ,and be outside non-stop like Caiden. What will I do?

Kierson attempting to break out of the gate, and eat it at the same time....=) Thanks to his chunky thighs., this is as far as he gets !

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

happy screams

This is prime example of how loud my house can be! Kierson enjoys belting out screams , and Caiden responds back by louder glorious screams. Now that Kierson is crawling all over, Caiden has reverted back to crawling ( sometimes ) and they chase around the house. Kierson will eat everything and anything he sees on the floor. I am constantly having to swipe things out of his mouth, and am waiting for the day that he poops out some peculiar object that I just didnt get to in t ime. Yikes! Caiden like to randomly pray now during the day, he clasps his hands and squeezes his eyes shut...." Dear Jesus , thank you for this beautiful day." Sometimes I hear this prayer about 6 times a day, ocasionally he'll throw thanks in there to his family, and monster trucks. There are SO many times during the day I just wish I could capture what he says and does. He likes to tell me to "SETTLE DOWN"<> and puts along some nice hand movements to go. I put a shirt on him today that had a pocket up in the corner , and he excitedly exclaims " "Hey , this shirt is like grandpa Pfeify's". Apparently when my dad visited 2 monthes ago, he sported a shirt that had a pocket, and Caiden locked that into his memory. Everyday Rik and I are amazed at how much he remembers. Caiden also likes to ask me" YOU HAPPY ?" usually after I am all disheveled from diciplining him, or sometimes if I'm just staring into space... he wants to know to know if I'm feeling happy. One things that will always melt my heart no matter how many time he says it is "Momma , I love you all the way to the moon and back". For Christmas this year " grammy" bought him( and made a DVD of her reading to him..) a book called " Guess how much I love you" . It is the sweetest things out of his mouth, and even better when he just says it randomly =) He listens, oh man does he listen, and when I happen to say the "wrong word" , he lets me know. He laughs and says" you say the wrong word !!!!!!! " thinking it's just hilarious that I made a mistake. I know this is a massive lot of writing, but very rarely do I get a chance at the computer =(

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First post

These are my boys : Caiden and Kierson. Since I will be mostly writing about them, thought I'd share a pic. I enjoy so much looking at my sister's "blog". She is SO creative, and has such a talent writing and I have had many chuckles . .I used to be on "myspace", but am banned from ever using such thing again. It ruined several ( thats right, more than one compter, NOT GOOD ) computers with viruses. I'm not quite sure what to do on here, I feel I do not have many intersting things in my life, or intersting thoughts. I will most likely share my funny and sometimes perhaps not so funny encounters with my kids, and maybe if athought or two do happen to float in my mind, I will try to express the best way I can. soooooo... here goes...........!!!!!!