Wednesday, November 26, 2008

3 monthes....

ok , so maybe I only post every 3 monthes, BUT,,, not my fault ! I don't have a computer at home... so my only free time is when I'm here at the store, and I don't have to bodyguard Kierson so he does'nt demolish the whole place.. My mom is in town for the week, and of course Thanksgiving tomorrow. She has been amazing , always on the floor playing with the boys, reading stories, making crafts, dancing, feeding, bathing.... them..and even putting Kierson back to sleep when he decides to be awake during the night........ man she does it all. Of course we do get our time too, we are never into "going: and doing alot, we are content to sit on the couch, she with her tea, and me,, well usually eating something,,, and talk away. Today she and Caiden made " gingerbread houses", it was so cute to watch them, as it has always been a tradition for me growing up to do every year with her, now she was able to do it with her grandchild. Caiden wants to be with her/on her/or just very close proximinty to where-ever " Grammy "is . She even went to Pre-school with him yesterday =) Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a time to reflect of all we are grateful for. No matter how much I can find things to complain about, God has really truly blessed us , and my hope is to focus on all his blessings =)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Is the name of the business that my husband and I are starting( ok , mostly him ) . We will be selling Powersports( snowmobiles,4-wheelers, motocyles.. etc) and Board Sports ( snowboards, wakeboards,skateboards etc...) as well as accesories and clothing. He has had his own side business selling used powersports and has done quite well, and now it's time to exspand. He is excellent at what he does , and has the MOST ambition of anyone I've ever known. As soon as we got the keys to this new shop he has been at it.... painting,new flooring,signs, electical... he has been here every night till midnight ! We live about 1.2 miles away from this place, so that is SO convenient! I come here at night with the boys, I can't help much b/c Kierson is very busy ripping holes in his pants,getting covered in paint, and eating nails . I am getting more and more excited about this new adventure in our lives, I will be working here and bring the boys along , when it's open.Caiden loves coming to the " shop" and hanging out with Rik. Last weekend I think I saw him a total of 36 minutes, he was right along with Rik going to "Menards, and Home Depot" numerous , and riding his bike around the cement floor. It's coming along, I will post more when I have some pics of our place to share ! Wish us luck

Sunday, August 10, 2008

K's surgery... part 1

Kierson's surgery was August 1st. I found my self to be much more anxious than I thought Overall it went fine, it's such a weird feelingto be in a crowded " surergy waiting room" , knowing that everyone is waiting for that door to open when a Dr. will emerge to report how each one went. Only one parent was allowed backinto the recovery room, it is a room filled with kids that are just coming out of anestheisa. I heard cries, hysterics,,,, and saw ones fast alseep. My baby was laying there chugging some apple juice. My initail reaction was my eyes filled up with tears. I wasn't sure what to exspect, but he was bandaged up and swollen. The rest of the afternoon we were in a hospital room, and they monitored him. He had a rough time with the pain, sleeping - then waking up screaming,,, kinda a different scream. Lots of medicine was distributed, and we ended up needing to spend the night. I stayed over with him, I mostly just sat. I didnt want the tv, a movie or a book... I talked a bit on the phone, and held Kierson,,, I could take him out of his bed, just had to be careful of all the wires hooked up. His surgeon came to visit he next morning, and said he looks good, so we were able to come home. His eyes were swollen for a few days, and he had his times of sadness. He is back to himself now for sure- putting toys in the toilet, sneaking past my blockade to the stairs,eating rocks....he's definetly Kierson again. I took him out in public for the first time yesterday..... with a cute hat which can cover. A lady walked past me commened how cute he was . MAde me wonder, I highly doubt that she would say that if she saw what was under his hat. This is just the beginning of a 3-5 month process,,, each week he will be injected with "saline solution" to pump up the exspander to get bigger and bigger. There are many things people say " it's only temorarly, lucky it's not anything more serious.... all these things I know...but like my mom said it's still happening and he's still my baby,,, so yes at times I feel bad for thinking thoughts, and not be in perspective.... but it's happening,, and yes it will be over in a few monthes.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Shack

My old childhood friend recently sent me a book in the mail. It opened my eyes and heart to how I personally view God, in a new amamzing way . It is not the typical "christian" book, there's a heart wrenching story-line , and is a book I definetly recommend. The book is called" The Shack"...... read it !

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kierson turns 1 yrs old

Happy Birthday to Kierson !!!!!

Kierson turned 1 on July 13th. Remembering back a whole year ago, after 18 hours of labor and having forcepts to retrieve him... here he is, our big baby is now 1 !!! He LOVED his cake, and I think Caiden LOVED new toys to play with =) My Mom was in town and we got out to do alot of fun things. We went to a beach near our house 2 times.... Kierson crawled out in the waves over and over, and Caiden wanted nothing to do with the water. He got new sand toys from Grammy and just played in the sand the whole time.We also went to he "lakefront" in Milwaukee. I love it there. The city is on teh water and they have awesome paths and a huge park,,, all with the gorgeous view of Lake Michigan. We walked along the paths near the water,Caiden pointing out the big rocks,boats and he's starting to ask" why" things are the way they are. My mom is much more patient and explains,, I on the other hand just tell him" b/c Jesus made it like that., Caiden flew his first kite !!!! Mom and I did the work of running and jumping around to get it up,,, and he stood there holding on tight. LAst year at the end of t he season we tore down our pool. =( I love swimming and would have loved to have the boys in there this year. However, Grammy bought us a "frog" pool, so yesterday we tried it out ,, it's right on our deck,,, and it the prerfest size for the boys to play in. So that's the latest here....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my "person"

If you are a true watcher of"Grey's Anatomy" , you will probably remember this phrase that Meredith and Christina( yang) exchange with eachother. They are eachother's "PERSON". Well, let me introduce you to my person, Laurie. I just came back from an awesome ( short) but awesome trip down to visit her in N.C. . ... to see her new home and catch a glimpse of her daily life there. I could list funny stories and tell how much I admire her , but beyond that,,, she is my person and I am honered and extremely lucky to have her in my life !

Monday, June 23, 2008


Rik and I were in a wedding this past weekend. It was our first wedding that we were in together, we actaullly felt like the "old" couple there. Everyone else in the party was single, and it was quite an odd feeling. It was fun to be able to be with Rik, yes he's my husband, but very rarely do I actualy get an evening with him all to myself, well at least in my presence al night =) We ended up picking up the kida at 1;30 am.... Rik decided he wanted the kids at home with us. We are slightly obsessed with our kids I think, We walk in and Caiden is WIDE AWAKE playing on the couch, and Rik's mom passed out on the couch. He had never fallen alseep..... WHAT?

Friday, June 13, 2008

5k run

Recently during phone conversation My mom was talking about how she is trying out different things, hobbies wise. She told me not to wait until I'm 5o years olkd to try to figure out what I like. This really struck something in me, because I struggle with this non-stop. I truly don't have a hobby, and truly feel I am pretty bad at a lot of things. I do love being a mom, and have told myself , I just need to accept that, and be satisfied. However, that night something " clicked". I have always enjoyed " exercising". I remember at like9 years old I begged my mom to buy me the " Barbie" workout video, man did I love that. I have since worked at 5 different gyms, and have taken a variety of classes. I love it, it's my passion/hobbyas weird as that sounds. I know many people despise it.I love how it makes me feel more than anything. ( don't think I'm a health nut or anything, I'm far from, I eat pretty bad, and seem to lack self-control =( SOOOO I have decided to sign up for a 5k run. I would LOVE to do a "mini-traithalon" but they are all next month... no such way to train for that, but that will be my goal is to someday complete one. I'm not some person who wants to complete a Marathon at some record speed,,,I simply want to challenge myself. I'm starting at a 5k... which is a tad over 3 miles. At this point I am not near being able to run that.... so It's a good goal. I am excited... even though it's so small compared to these big races. It is on July 24th, along lake Michigan during a local festival. Milwaukee is known for it's absurd amount of festivals, so there are tons going on, I plan to do the " Race for the Cure " for Breast Cancer a 5k also along the lakefront at the end of September. Sooo. wish me luck as I plug along on the ol treadmill , and then take it outdoors.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

80's bachlerette party!

I have been to very few " bachlerette parties" in my life, and this one was definetly one I won't forget. The theme as you can see was 80's apparell. I think this is rather funny, seeing that I was born in 1982.... in this picture we are at a roller-skating rink! it was a blast !It was actually pretty fun getting ready. We all got ready together, each of us dumping out our bags full of fun things we all found. The sad thing was the style is BACK!!! MAn , there are some pretty UUUUUGLy clothes out there.One girl "crimped my hair" =) ( I'm in the pink shirt and jeans on the left) One girl did everyone's crazy makeup,,,,, everyone looked amazing. We proceeded to the bars after this , for a night of,,, uhhh well drinking for some,,, thankfully I remained sober. I say thankfully because when 2 am hit, some intense drama hit, and I needed to assist in some important matters. We got plenty of "LOOKS" and it actually was alot of fun !

Monday, June 9, 2008


This is our back yard. In normal circumstances, we have a small river that runs in the back, that connects us to 2 lakes that we live in between( And those dirt piles, are part of our dirt-bike track =) . Well, these past 4 days now, have been insane. Never have we seen so much rain and stroms here where we live. We have has numerous, "tornado watches, warnings, flood watches, hail,thunderstorms,,,, you name it. No normal TV had been on, just weather news, I have been told to go in my basement twice now, and our town has has the tornado sirens blaring. Yesterday , the Fire Department went up and down our street, passing out flyers and warning us that they suggest EVACUATING !!!!! but it's not maditory. We have had flooding in our basement in the past, and had to redo the entire basement. We also have a gymnasium attatched to ur house, and the flooring is getting now ruined. We had a break in the weather yesterday, I was able to actually go outside for a walk, but soon after returning another huge storm hit. We drove around our town last night to look at damage, it was aweful, some houses just flooded out , and certain streets you could not even drive down. At the "dam" there were a bunch of Fire-Trucks parked , just watchingit, in case it goes. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully today won't be bad, and I won't be forced to leave !!!
This picture doesnt do justice, but for my family looking at this, they knolw what it is "supposed " to look like.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kierson mohawk

As I woke this morning and stumbled out into the kitchen, I saw a clump of hair ( quite similair to that of my sons) just hanging out on the counter. I thought nothing of it, again, it's early. I go down to get Kierson up , and ah ha then it all makes sense. Kierson's head is shaved. That's right, Its shaved into a "mohawk" style haircut. I fling open our bedroom door, and demand what in the world has he done to my baby???? !!!!!!!! It all took place after I retired to bed at a very early t ime of 7;30 pm, ( I took some Benadryl and was OUT ). Rik smiles saying" You told me I could". Granted when I was asked the question earlier, I thought he meant to stimply "style" his hair in a mohawk, sure no problem. Anyways, I made him style it for church, with the proper gel and hairspray,,,,, it actually looks pretty darn cute. How long will I think it's cute..... who knows.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Loving the water Lots of hugs, lots of hugs.....

This past weekend we met my family in Ohio for some camping fun festivities. This is a classic pic of my mom, always smiling , laughing, and surrounded by her grandkids. Everywhere she went they followed, she brought with her a car full of toys, bubbles, crayons, pails, shovels, she thought of it all. They simply could not get enough of their Grammy, and you could tell she would'nt have it any other way. The three boys amazingly are all only monthes apart, and are so FUN to watch how they interact, and react to eachother.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I woke up this morning with my right eye almsot completely swollen shut, and my right ear all swollen and enormous. UGh. I also have these huge " welt- looking"" things all over my arms and my head. Some pretty weird things going on lately. Today we are supposed to go out on our friends speed boat , and go jet-skiing. Very excited, this is what nice sunny weather is all about ! =)

Friday, May 16, 2008

knees, and head

Kierson likes his knees, he in no way has made any further attempts to even come close to standing. He often comes to this table ( which I have to clean wayyyyy to often to due handprints, and now mouth prints) and chews, he chews or gnaws rather,this table, and then has a big happy grin about it. What a silly boy. He just turned 10 monthes, and yesterday we took him to his plastic surgery appointment. He will be having surgey on his forehead this summer. He will have 2 surgeries , to remove his " nevus" . he will be put "under" and both are overnight hospital stays,,, The doctors believe there could be potentially cancerous cells in it , due to the color, size....etc. He was all SMILES =) at the appointment, the doctor was amazed at how happy he was ! I hope he is still all smiles come this summer, when he will under the"tissue exspansion" procedure, stretch his skin out to a baseball size, and remove his spot. This will take about 4 monthes, give or take, and he will have weekly injections to pump up his skin with saline solution. I am exasperated with how many comments I get. ANYWHERE, and I'm not kidding, people make a comment. Usually along the lines of " OOOO he got a big owie huh ? " . People seem to come up to me and comment, or passing by me and turn around. Usually it's about 3 people per outing / store. I have come up with an usual response, including his surgery now. But,seriously I would NEVER , NEVER, NEVER go up to anyone and comment on their kid/ baby,,, of any nature of abnormality on them. I just would'nt.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

K breaking loose

The Petrovsky boys helping daddy mow the lawn. It was a rather chilly day, hence the winter coats =( Rik says I have just a few more monthes of Kierson being " mine:,,, meaning until he can walk and follow him ,and be outside non-stop like Caiden. What will I do?

Kierson attempting to break out of the gate, and eat it at the same time....=) Thanks to his chunky thighs., this is as far as he gets !

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

happy screams

This is prime example of how loud my house can be! Kierson enjoys belting out screams , and Caiden responds back by louder glorious screams. Now that Kierson is crawling all over, Caiden has reverted back to crawling ( sometimes ) and they chase around the house. Kierson will eat everything and anything he sees on the floor. I am constantly having to swipe things out of his mouth, and am waiting for the day that he poops out some peculiar object that I just didnt get to in t ime. Yikes! Caiden like to randomly pray now during the day, he clasps his hands and squeezes his eyes shut...." Dear Jesus , thank you for this beautiful day." Sometimes I hear this prayer about 6 times a day, ocasionally he'll throw thanks in there to his family, and monster trucks. There are SO many times during the day I just wish I could capture what he says and does. He likes to tell me to "SETTLE DOWN"<> and puts along some nice hand movements to go. I put a shirt on him today that had a pocket up in the corner , and he excitedly exclaims " "Hey , this shirt is like grandpa Pfeify's". Apparently when my dad visited 2 monthes ago, he sported a shirt that had a pocket, and Caiden locked that into his memory. Everyday Rik and I are amazed at how much he remembers. Caiden also likes to ask me" YOU HAPPY ?" usually after I am all disheveled from diciplining him, or sometimes if I'm just staring into space... he wants to know to know if I'm feeling happy. One things that will always melt my heart no matter how many time he says it is "Momma , I love you all the way to the moon and back". For Christmas this year " grammy" bought him( and made a DVD of her reading to him..) a book called " Guess how much I love you" . It is the sweetest things out of his mouth, and even better when he just says it randomly =) He listens, oh man does he listen, and when I happen to say the "wrong word" , he lets me know. He laughs and says" you say the wrong word !!!!!!! " thinking it's just hilarious that I made a mistake. I know this is a massive lot of writing, but very rarely do I get a chance at the computer =(

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First post

These are my boys : Caiden and Kierson. Since I will be mostly writing about them, thought I'd share a pic. I enjoy so much looking at my sister's "blog". She is SO creative, and has such a talent writing and I have had many chuckles . .I used to be on "myspace", but am banned from ever using such thing again. It ruined several ( thats right, more than one compter, NOT GOOD ) computers with viruses. I'm not quite sure what to do on here, I feel I do not have many intersting things in my life, or intersting thoughts. I will most likely share my funny and sometimes perhaps not so funny encounters with my kids, and maybe if athought or two do happen to float in my mind, I will try to express the best way I can. soooooo... here goes...........!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here it is!


Here is your custom made blog! I hope you don't mind I set it up for you. If you want a little tutorial over the phone on how to do the basics, just let me know. You can do this! And no scary virus to worry about on blogspot.

Here's to you blogging away...I want to read stories, and see pictures of those baby boys!
Amy Jo