Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Is the name of the business that my husband and I are starting( ok , mostly him ) . We will be selling Powersports( snowmobiles,4-wheelers, motocyles.. etc) and Board Sports ( snowboards, wakeboards,skateboards etc...) as well as accesories and clothing. He has had his own side business selling used powersports and has done quite well, and now it's time to exspand. He is excellent at what he does , and has the MOST ambition of anyone I've ever known. As soon as we got the keys to this new shop he has been at it.... painting,new flooring,signs, electical... he has been here every night till midnight ! We live about 1.2 miles away from this place, so that is SO convenient! I come here at night with the boys, I can't help much b/c Kierson is very busy ripping holes in his pants,getting covered in paint, and eating nails . I am getting more and more excited about this new adventure in our lives, I will be working here and bring the boys along , when it's open.Caiden loves coming to the " shop" and hanging out with Rik. Last weekend I think I saw him a total of 36 minutes, he was right along with Rik going to "Menards, and Home Depot" numerous , and riding his bike around the cement floor. It's coming along, I will post more when I have some pics of our place to share ! Wish us luck

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