Monday, February 23, 2009

Klove =)

It's amazing as when I am feeling my lonliest, emptiest ,worn out-ness.... that all I have to do is call on Jesus. So many times, as lately things are tough and I feel hopeless,I get so wrapped up in my feelings I fogot he is there...and as I ask his peace to fill me and be by my side, he is ... I feel him, all we have to do is call out to him . Another small tidbit.... Klove radio station. I'm sure anyone reading this, which is not many,. know what I am talking about, it's amazing, that it is all over the US with a common goal to share and bless people with ( good ) Christain music. I used to just listen to it periodically, and would have the usual country or top 40 music.... which for the most part now , I can't stand If I changed to KLOVE Caiden would always ask me " is this Jesus music' ? =) Whatever type of mood I may be in as I'm off driving somewhere, having it on always redirects my focus to God, ....not myself . There are ocassional times I feel the need to belt out some lyrics , and I am definetly not one to sing,( I sadly enough don't really like to b-c my voice is so darn aweful. )So I am grateful for KLOVE, and the message that it is spreading God's love around the country in a very tangible way.

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Amy Jo said...

"Jesus Music" haha.. That's great he can tell the difference! I'll think of you next time I'm listening to KLOVE