Monday, May 4, 2009

Irate lady called the cops on me today. awesome.

As I pulled into a parking space along the street at our local park , I see a car on the street behind me stop and a lady jumps outobsenities coming at me. She is probably in her 60's and the passenger was about 90. She was holding her head screaming as if she had just been in a huge car acident and was extrememly hurt.She is telling I did'nt have my bllinker on ( I did, I still could hear it clicking.) I look in the back and apparently the blinker was broken. Meanwhile a few cars stop ( she is still in the middle of the street) and I see her using her cell phone and scrbbling down my license. I call Rik, and he said he was unaware it was broken, and for me to just remain calm. SO I proceed to get the kids out to go play and she is still going at it, I asked her to please stop b/c of my kids and HER RESPONSE ; " I don't care how many #$%&* $%^& kids you have you &&^% *&^%$. Sooo, the cop pulls up shortly after and is talking tl her for several minutes , then comes to me on the park. The funny thing about this is we were on police property , the park is on the headquarters for our town park. He kinda had a smile on his face when he came up and just asked what happened. Of course wanted my license which I DIDNT HAVE,,, awesome. And we are a few monthes behind on our registration,ahhhh however the copand I share the same birthdate,,,, and I'm pretty sure that's why he just said ok,,, well take care of the stuff and have a good day ma'am. What a morning. I mean seriously? You would have thought that we had a huge collision for that kind of absurd response, and to be that hyterical and beligerant. Needless to say my blinker will be fixed , immediatly.


Colleen said...

oh my gosh!!!!! How crazy. The things people get so angry about are amazing!

Amy Jo said...

Wow. That's crazy! Just be glad you don't have to interact with that lady ever again. I feel bad for whoever does. That would have really upset me